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Item Number: SNR-WORKBOOK8
Includes: Fill in the blanks, Match the following, true or false, multiple choices and many more. Activities with User Interactivity.

Summary: The book brief ups all the topics about Information and Communication technology. Information technology and types of computers, computer performance, parts of computer are revised a most simple manner. In the next chapter it covers the topics Software, types of software, application software, introduction to user interface and categories of interface. Third chapter in the book deals with computer networks and types of networks, workstation and servers, network topologies, world wide web, intranet and extranet. The last chapter completes with explaining the topic security, privacy, backing up data, computer viruses, antivirus, sensible precautions and computer misuse act are covered in detail.

Book Content 1: Basic Concepts of ICT
Book Content 2: Software
Book Content 3: Introduction to Computer Networks
Book Content 4: Information Security

Integrate Technology into Drama or Language Arts

Become Internet savvy with engaging activities that promote digital citizenship. The activities in TechnoJourney are perfect for beginners. Teach internet safety, online strategies and more!

  • History of computers
  • Hardware and software, IT and Types of computers
  • Uses of different types of computers, computer performance
  • Brief explanation on software and operating systems
  • Application software
  • User interface
  • Design consideration
  • Computer network
  • Work stations and network topologies
  • Explanation in brief Security, privacy, Guard against Viruses, Worms and Adware/Spyware

Customer Reviews

The workbook 8 in short explains all the topics covered in the previous workbooks, in concise explains all the details related to the computers starting from fundamentals of computers, operating systems, application software, virus that attack computers and lastly covers the topic related to the security policies of Computer usage.