Techno Manage

What is Techno Manage?

It provides online resources for Teacher and Students where they get individual logins to access all the resources of Technokids Computer Curriculum online. With help of these resources teaching, learning process become more interactive and result oriented.
With the help of this teachers get deep understanding of the concept and also more focused on skill development of the students. Techno Manage provides all resources for Technokids projects from KG to 12.


Techno Manage has all the tools which are useful for teachers to teach a Technokids project.


Student can only access the resources related to his class only, along with video tutorials of the project.


Techno Manage Admin have all the privileges to create the number of teachers login and also students login.

21st Century Skills

Teachers don’t have to stop or change what they plan to teach to integrate technology and 21st century skills. TechnoKids provides comprehensive, step by step instructions that incorporate 21st century skills and technology skills into the curriculum.
Students acquire essential skill through the use of popular application software while it’s been integrated with English, Math, Science in early grades. As the students grow up integration goes beyond teaching technology skills and gives students the opportunity to explore real-world challenges in the classroom, preparing them for college and career, promoting critical and creative thinking!


Getting Started

Provides the details to the computer teachers like, How to use Teachers Guide, How to use the resources, Preparing to teach and the project overview.

Teacher Guide

Provides the step by step guide for the teachers to teach each session in the project and also various assignment and extension activities in the Technokids project.

Student Workbook

Provides the online access to the soft copy of the student project books which reduced the efforts of carrying the hard copy of the books and encourage student to read their project books online.

Standard & Skills

Provides guidelines of the skills like Common Core Standard, Integration, ISTE and Technical Skills.


Provides a question bank for Technokids Projects with all types of questions with answer.

Mark Sheet

Provides the marks list of the students whose assignment and quizzes conducted online.


Provides an animated audio/video tutorials for projects session wise.

Teachers Resources

Provides resources to the teacher which can be used in the class room, like Pictures, Question bank, Skill sharpeners, and Project resources.

Student Resources

Provides all the resources for the project to the students which also present in the CD which is enclosed with Project books.


Provides the session wise PPT’s for the project which a computer teacher can use to teach the project in classroom.

Drop Box

Provides the facility to share the Assignments online so that they can download and resubmit through this only.

Yearly Plan

This will provide the computer teacher to create the yearly plan based on number weeks they are getting for computers. They will get readymade plan divided into week which makes delivery in classroom effective.