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Item Number: SNR-WORKBOOK7
Includes: Fill in the blanks, Match the following, true or false, multiple choices and many more. Activities with User Interactivity.

Summary: The book starts with revising about the fundamental of computers  with the explanation about the types of software, operating system and its roles, windows and its parts, directory structure of windows. Moving ahead with the introduction to what are smart phones, android, iOS, tablet and the internal and external hardware devices. Lastly covers the web terminologies that are most required to learn, introduction to Networking and ends with the social impacts of the communication technology.

Book Content 1: Computer Fundamentals
Book Content 2: Software
Book Content 3: Windows Environment
Book Content 4: Windows Hierarchy
Book Content 5: Smart Phones and Tablets
Book Content 6: Hardware
Book Content 7: Web Terminology
Book Content 8: Legal and Social Impact on ICT
Book Content 9: Networking

Integrate Technology into Drama or Language Arts

Become Internet savvy with engaging activities that promote digital citizenship. The activities in TechnoJourney are perfect for beginners. Teach internet safety, online strategies and more!

  • Fundamental of the computers.
  • Types of software, System software and application software.
  • Operating System and its role.
  • Windows Desktop and Windows.
  • Window explorer.
  • Create, delete, open, restore, copy and paste of files and folders.
  • Introduction to smartphone, android and tablet.
  • External and internal hardware devices.
  • Web terminologies like Web pages, websites, search engines, bookmarks etc.
  • Critical information assessment, critical eye, copyright explained in detail.

Customer Reviews

The world is changing to the world of computers and this workbook put glimpse on the topics dealing with Windows its hierarchy, the topics related to Smart phones and tablets, terminology related to web world and all legal laws related to cyber world.