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  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
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Item Number: PRI-WORKBOOK1
Includes: Fill in the blanks, Match the following, true or false, multiple choices and many more Activities with User Interactivity.

Summary: Book start with comparison between man made things and natural things and rules to follow when using a computer. Next introducing students to computer, its uses, parts of computer, hardware and software basic, comparing man and computer, input and output devices, brief explanation on windows and lastly Introduction to Internet.

Book Content 1: Things Around You
Book Content 2: Introduction to Computers
Book Content 3: Parts of Computers
Book Content 4: Hardware and Software
Book Content 5: You and the Computer
Book Content 6: Input and Output
Book Content 7: Windows
Book Content 8: Introduction to Internet

Integrate Technology into Drama or Language Arts

Become Internet savvy with engaging activities that promote digital citizenship. The activities in TechnoJourney are perfect for beginners. Teach internet safety, online strategies and more!

  • Man made-Natural things.
  • Computer.
  • Uses of computer.
  • Parts of computer.
  • Hardware devices.
  • Software devices.
  • Input devices and output devices.
  • Parts of desktop.
  • Introduction to Internet

Customer Reviews

The book initiates with the basics explaining them about man made and natural things existing in the world, moving ahead explaining them about a man made machine that is computer. Short description about parts of computers, hardware and software and lastly introduction to Internet.