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Item Number: JNR-WORKBOOK5
Includes: Techno Review, Cross words, puzzles, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, true or false, multiple choices and many more Activities with User Interactivity.

Summary: Book start with introducing history of computers, explaining about generation of computers and its features. Further dealing with classification of computers, digital computers and analog computers and detail description of ports. Information technology, memory and its management, classification of software, windows, managing disk space, calculator, functions of buttons in a calculator are covered. Lastly introduction on Databases its management, networks and types of networks, internet and requirements for internet connections, electronic mails brief explanation have been covered in this workbook.

Book Content 1: Classification of Computers
Book Content 2: Exploring Computers
Book Content 3: Memory Management
Book Content 4: Classification of Software
Book Content 5: Managing your Windows Environment
Book Content 6: Introduction to Database
Book Content 7: Introduction to Networks
Book Content 8: Introduction to the Internet
Book Content 9: Electronic Mail (E-Mail)
Book Content 10: Cloud Computing
Book Content 11:Robotics

Integrate Technology into Drama or Language Arts

Become Internet savvy with engaging activities that promote digital citizenship. The activities in TechnoJourney are perfect for beginners. Teach internet safety, online strategies and more!

  • Generations of Computers.
  • Digital and analog computers.
  • Types of computer Ports.
  • Information technology.
  • Types of memory.
  • Storage devices.
  • Common Application Software.
  • Overview of Windows.
  • Functions of Calculator buttons.
  • In brief create and manage Databases.

Customer Reviews

The book starts with the introduction to generation of computers dealing with complex topics related to computers, software, ports, internet, network, databases and many more.