Project Includes

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
  • Sample Files
  • Templates
  • Parent Letters
  • Certificates


Item Number: PRI-NUMBERS
Technology Integration: Math, Visual Arts
Technology Skill: Graphics
Program: KID PIX 3D
Includes: KID PIX Activities, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoNumbers Parent Letter, TechnoNumbers Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Keyboard Handout, Number Book Samples, Counting Fun Resource, Counting Cards, I Can Count Show, Number Jars Resource, Number Line Resource, Print Numbers Template

Session 1: Number Challenge
Take the challenge! Draw and erase specific numbers of shapes for fun!
Session 2: Numerous Numbers
Use art mediums, textures, and colors to draw numbers from one to ten.
Session 3: Number March
Create an animated line of numbers with music to make the numbers march.
Session 4: Big Book of Numbers
Use rubber stamps, stickers, and animations to make a Number Book page.
Session 5: Colorful Music
Make the computer read formatted text aloud by typing numbers in order.
Session 6: My Favorite Number
Create a picture starring your favorite number.

Optional KID PIX Activities

  • Jelly Bean Counting: Make counting delicious!
  • Number Practice: Match the picture and number.
  • Number Match: Match the digit to the number word.
  • Number Poems:  ‘Tips for writing numbers.
  • People Graph: Count letters in your name.
  • Graph it.Musical Numbers: Play a game.

Practice Number Recognition, Counting and More!

Develop early numeracy skills. Integrate technology into the classroom while having fun with numbers. Inspire student creativity with unique KID PIX activities.

  • Identify numbers from 1-10
  • Explore digital paint tools to draw numbers
  • Sequence numbers in the proper order
  • Use the keyboard to type a number line
  • Use text to speech to hear numbers read aloud
  • Represent numbers in a variety of contexts
  • Count objects
  • Demonstrate number relationships
  • Produce a counting book
  • Use technology to extend learning

TechnoKids has fantastic support and is budget friendly.

M. Leask,
Fields Memorial School,

Customer Reviews

Kindergarten and preschool children count, sort, and draw numbers as they create artwork using the fun drawing tools of TechnoNumbers Kid Pix 3D activities.

TechnoKids has fantastic support and is budget friendly.

M. Leask,
Fields Memorial School,