Project Includes

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
  • Sample Files
  • Templates
  • Parent Letters
  • Certificates


Item Number: INT-HTML2
Technology Integration: Browsing, Language Arts, Visual Arts.
Technology Skill: Internet, Programming Language, Applied Technology.
Program: HTML
Includes: Introduction to HTML, HTML origin, W3C, explanation of Netscape, HTML tags, color names, color values, color codes, hexadecimal codes, background images, HTML character entities, Text Alignment, Hyperlink, images, image maps, ordered List, unordered List, tables, no frame properties, cell properties, CSS, Style sheets, Forms, buttons, boxes, frame properties, index page.

Session 1: Introduction to HTML
Origins of HTML, W3C, Original tags, Netscape extension, Addition and frames.
Session 2: How to Write HTML tags
Creating HTML files, formatting tags, Color names, and Color values.
Session 3: Typography in HTML
HTML fonts, background and background images creation.
Session 4: Writing HTML codes
Using of codes and character entities in HTML making a real time project.
Session 5: HTML Images
Creating project using images, and Project completion.
Session 6: Lists
Learning about types of Lists and applying it in real time Project.
Session 7: HTML Tables
Learning about tables, no frame properties, cell properties and making a real time project.
Session 8: Cascading Style Sheets
Introduction to CSS, syntax of CSS and applying it in real time Project.
Session 9: HTML Forms and Inputs
Introducing forms and using notepad and creating HTML pages.
Session 10: HTML Frames
Introducing frames, compiling of the pages created.

Optional HTML2 Lesson Plans

  • Introduction of HTML: Complete details about origin and Netscape introduction.
  • Project: Making a Real time project with HTML codes.
  • CSS practice: Introduction of CSS and a real time project making HTML pages using CSS.
  • HTML practice: Writing HTML code, tags, fonts, colors, images, character entities.
  • Additional explanations: About learning and using Lists and tables.
  • Forms and Frames: Explanation of Forms and Frames and Compilation of the HTML pages.

Integrate Technology with the Creating and Designing ability

Introducing programming skills and helping child create webpages. Exploring the imagination and designing skills, making child capable enough to come up with the real time webpages portraying the skills.

  • Define the terms network, LAN, WAN, and Internet.
  • Define Internet, World Wide Web, hyperlink, URL, browser, and HTML.
  • Understand the font tags for Web Design.
  • Identify the Font Attributes.
  • Apply colors to the background and text.
  • Align text using HTML Coding.
  • Create the Hyperlinks using HTML code.
  • Add a background image.
  • Align an image within the text.
  • Add table to the web page.

Customer Reviews

Construct a simple web page using HTML and CSS. Throughout the design process instructions explain how to style text, graphics, and hyperlinks to produce an informative web page. For those in need of an extra challenge, extension activities encourage students to create a list, apply a picture background, customize hyperlinks, employ CSS classes, insert animated text or images, and build tables.