Project Includes

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
  • Sample Files
  • Templates
  • Parent Letters
  • Certificates


Item Number: PRI-BASICS
Technology Integration: Computer
Technology Skill: Graphics
Program: KID PIX 3D
Includes: KID PIX Activities for Kindergarten – Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoBasics Parent Letter, Computer Whiz Certificate, TechnoBasics Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Computer Parts Posters, Computer Rules Posters, Logon Cards.

Session 1: Computer Basics
Learn about computer parts and their function. Practice mouse skills.
Session 2: Computer Rules
Learn computer etiquette. Click and drag the mouse to create shapes.
Session 3: Computer Shut Down
Turn the computer on and off. Create unique animated designs.
Session 4: The Keyboard
Type and change the font, color, style, size, and alignment of text.
Session 5: Input and Output
categorize input and output devices. Use the devices to create a picture.
Session 6: Computer Confusion
Identify objects as computer parts. Earn the Computer Whiz certificate.

KID PIX Activities for Kindergarten

  • Computer Riddles: Discover the hardware.
  • Erase a Picture: Draw a picture using the ERASER!
  • Mouse Terms: Select the correct mouse action.
  • Fastest Typist in the World: Ready, set, type!

Introduce Basic Computer Skills with KID PIX Activities for Kindergarten

Help beginners learn the fundamentals of computing. Foster self-confidence in preschool and kindergarten students when using the computer and KID PIX 3D!

  • Identify computer parts
  • Demonstrate basic mouse skills
  • Type using the keyboard
  • Start up and shut down a computer
  • Login to a program
  • Open and close a program
  • Print a document
  • Classify hardware as input or output
  • Paint using digital tools
  • Select tool options

I am loving KID PIX 3D and your lessons!

M. Mansfield,
St. Timothy’s School,

Customer Reviews

Children complete fun computer activities using TechnoBasics KID PIX activities for kindergarten and preschool. They acquire basic skills to earn a Computer Whiz certificate.

I am loving KID PIX 3D and your lessons!

M. Mansfield,
St. Timothy’s School,