★ All participants Technokids Certificates and User ID and password to access one project for One YEAR will be sent to thier respective schools. If any candidates want to receive it personally send your contact details to info@technokidsindia.com
Competition Brief

Knowledge Hub - Technokids Olympiad, 2015 extends a warm welcome to all esteemed schools and their students!

Technokids Olympiad is the online I.T. Olympiad in India. An event on ICT (Information and Communication Technology), it covers topics information technology integration with real time application in 21st century world. Which have various software’s taught in the schools across India Participants get to learn new concepts and ideas which may help boost their confidence in ICT which additionally helps to shaping their future in this exciting field by applying the ICT skills in real time situation in 21st Century.

TechnoKids computer curriculum is designed to promote computer literacy. The technology projects provide teachers with materials to integrate information Communication Technology (ICT) skills such as multimedia, programming, operating environment, graphic, spreadsheet, word processing, desktop publishing, telecommunication, and database skills into student activities.

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